More Tips for Interiors


Are you excited? Today we include the last portion of our interior design tips. These tips work whether you own a house or rent an apartment (or are really nice and decide to plan the entirety of the interior design for a friend or family member). The most important thing is you take these tips, take this knowledge you are getting and proactively create and implement something with it!


Most people already have the knowledge, but they often fail to implement the things they know.


Do not be this person!


Otherwise it might take you years to get the dream room that you have been desiring for so long. No reason that needs to be you.


Anyhow, now since I got my little personal development rant over, how about we dive deeper into interior design with some closing tips that are sure to round out the entirety of your home? Are you ready? I know I am.


So let us dive into it in our last and final installment here!


Add Varied Lighting


Having different lighting really creates different tones. For example adding light to a focal piece while keeping the rest of the room a dash dimmer will make the boldness of the focal point really stand out in a big way. If you cannot afford installing various lighting equipment and setups around your house though, you can also achieve similar effects by using lamplight instead of over the head lighting that often exists with central lighting.


One great thing about lamp lighting is it can give you a very intimate feeling around your house and really changes the mood. Perfect for those cozy nights watching movie, or for those productive twilight’s as you pen out and type away a new novel lit briefly by the lamp beaming bold at your side.


Use Different Modes of Scale


Just because a piece looks dramatic and awesome on the showroom floor, does not mean it will look dramatic and awesome in your home. While other factors go into this (such as painting, lighting etc.), one thing to pay attention to is the modes of scale that revolve around the piece.


When buying a piece, ask yourself if you will need to add something else to it to make up for its lack of size. And by the way if you decide to some elements to your decorations such as some sand dollars, it is better to have an uneven number of them rather than an even number. So instead of 4 sand dollars, have 5, they will be more visually appealing the way you can set them up and will create a much cooler effect.


Scale and proportion is something not many interior designers (or would be interior designers as it would be) ever really think about and it is something they definitely should. Now with this entire interior design series complete though… you have no excuses! The world is your oyster, so go decorate it!


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