Sight Lines and Focal Points


We are on a roll for our interior design tips series. If you have yet to check out the other articles, make sure you do. In our first article we talked about painting conventions and in our second article we dived deep into the parlance of rugs, and now we are going to keep moving on.


By the end of this series you will likely know more about interior design than about 80% of people.


Which, is awesome, because interior design is a fantastic skill to have!


Alright, so today in our article we are going to bring up sight lines and focal points. What are they you ask? Well, I’m so glad you asked… keep reading buddy!


1 – Sight Lines


Sight lines help feel like they are being “drawn” into a room. This is a great experience to have set up because it makes your entire home feel like it is flowing rather than static, dynamic rather than unresponsive. How sight lines work is the focal point is typically set up on the opposite of the room’s entrance. This way right upon entering, the wanderer will feel pulled deeper into the design, the mood and the feng shui of the room. This trick was used famously in the office of a dentist in Santa Rosa, California, but it works well in any setting, particularly a home environment.


This could be accomplished for example using an intriguing painting on the opposite wall to a house’s entrance. Or a myriad of other sight line possibilities. The choice is obviously and really just up to you on how you want to use this very cool technique.


2 – Focal Points


In every movie there is the leading star, in every story there is the main character whose plot is buoyed by the interests of the supporting players. In room and interior design, the focal point could be considered the hero of the story and what that hero tells and what that hero’s story is will be largely left up to you.


A focal point is a dramatic piece. This could be an intriguing piece of art, a very strange or incredibly luxurious piece of furniture, or it could be a multitude of other things. The point here is that not every piece of furniture in your room should be dramatic. In fact you might be better off with more neutral pieces to avoid creating too much noise.


When you have a ton of dramatic pieces, the fact that they are dramatic is ruled out by there simply being too many other pieces that are dramatic. Instead, go back to the less is more mantra I keep preaching. Focus on having one really solid, awesome piece you absolutely love to death and make that into your focal point.


Once you find a good focal point piece, try to align the focal point piece to also become a sight line. This one two hit punch is super effective for bringing together an entire “feeling” to the design of your home and can really bolster the mood you are looking to create.



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