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Interior design is endless in what can be done and the potential that can be achieved. That is why I wanted to continue this series on interior design and really lay out even more tips for that person looking to make their homes great and to make their homes individualized to their particular tastes. This can be done really simply and easily, unlike remodeling or building a room addition onto your home, major projects that would require you hire a general contractor. Decorating is something anyone can do, on virtually any budget.


In the last article we talked about things like painting after you put your furnture in, in this article we are going to get a little bit more intimate and discuss what kind of things you should actually put into your living room.


Sounds exciting? Good. Because it is. For the both of us.


Remember please, that every suggestion here is ultimately a suggestion. After all, beauty is forever in the eye of the beholder and an even highly successful interior designer cannot design something of perfect beauty for everyone because of these very varied tastes that people have and enjoy.


That being said, let us dive in and see what new tips I have for you today!


1 – Kill the Themes…


People love themes. Hey, I love themes too. What I dislike about themes is that the ones people use are often cliches that are used over and over again like the Cape Cod theme with all of its nautical wonder. You can achieve the same beach feel without having to just copy and paste the Cape Cod Conundrum.


Sometimes making a room too thematic is also going to provide a feeling of trying too hard and over exerting a singular idea. In other words, it very much has the effect of minimal returns on investment as you keep adding to the theme.


As in my last my last article, less is more. Really decide on what you want and just add a few elements that can really accentuate the theme you are desiring.


2 –  Rugs On! I mean Off! Okay, Partially On.


Rugs are an awesome design element for any room. When it comes to rug selection, you obviously should choose a color that complements the rest of the room. Make sure to check out the blog post I did recently on the subject of colors and moods for more information on that.


However, that being said, there is more to rugs than just their color and style. And that is… rug placement.


There is basically three ways to really place a rug in your home. You can place it where all the furniture legs are on the rug to provide a more luxurious feel. Or you can place the rug where none of the furniture is touching it, which is usually best in smaller spaces but make sure it is not too small of a rug otherwise it will diminish the style of the rug’s effect on the room. The third option of course is having all the furniture’s front legs on the rug, which offers a nice feeling of openness to the room.


All in all.. rugs are awesome and you should definitely be using them in the design of your home!


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