Quick Interior Design Tips


Interior design is more important than most people give it credit for. After all, as my last article suggests, interior design can seriously affect your mood and the mood of others that are in your space with you.


Unfortunately, there is no 100% accurate rulebook when it comes to subjects like these. The fact is, interior design is just too subjective and really relies on other people’s tastes not just the designer. This means even a brilliant interior designer with all her research and competence might still produce something that is arguably “bad” in the customer’s viewpoint.


All that being said, there are a few actions we can take to make sure the interior design of our homes are at the top notch level and offers us the best value no matter our subjective experience when it comes to the beauty of our homes.


1 – Enjoy the Open Spaces


Less is often more when it comes to beauty, elegance and sophistication. Instead of filling your room up with bargain finds, focus on minimalism. By doing this you will open up space and the ease of maneuvering will for one be a great benefit but also by opening up space there will be less furniture and items competing for space.


Thus making your stellar pieces really stand out.


Plus, it saves you money while also adding more class to your room than if you had filled it with a bunch of random stuff.


2 – Move In Before You Paint


Tons of homebuyers are looking at paint every day for their home. They think it will be easier to just paint it now before they put all the furniture in there. While this is true for the most part, you also run into some serious design danger by doing it this way.


Paint is a curious beast. It looks so different depending on the lighting and the situation it is in. That is why it is sometimes good see what a living room will look like with all the furniture in before making that often costly decision of painting the walls.


While doing it this way is a hassle, it is a lot less of a hassle than having to buy the paint twice and do the work twice if you end up with a less than appealing color.


3 –  Artwork at Eye Level


It is fairly common for people to want to put their artwork in the middle of the wall as relative from floor to ceiling. This can be problematic though from an aesthetics point of view. For example in a vaulted ceiling situation, the painting might be way high up and really cause some dysfunction in the room.


It is better to keep the painting at eye level as to best benefit the viewer, after all paintings should be hung to a human scale not to the scale of a room.


4. Keep your floors clean

For some folks this will be so common-sense that you’ll wonder why we’re including it, but having nice, clean floors is essential to the look of a room. As homeowners who live in the space day in and day out, we don’t always know just how big an impact this makes. If you clean nothing else, one author writes, clean your floors. This could be as simple as running the broom or vacuum through the room, but once or twice a year, you should really hire a professional carpet cleaning service and have them deep clean your entire living space. Many places offer specials, and will take care of your wood, vinyl, and tile, as well as carpets. This is really worth it every spring and fall. Between cleanings, teach the kids to use the vacuum and a mop, and add it to their responsibilities at LEAST once per week, so as to ensure a fresh appearance for your home year-round without adding more work to your own load.


Combine these tips altogether and you will have done yourself some good interior design favors and be well on your way to a rockin’ place.

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