Benefits of Interior Design


Your house speaks volumes about you. Seriously. Interior design is more than just aesthetics, more than just matching throw pillows with a couch or throwing the right throw blanket over a microfiber recliner. While aesthetics like these matter to our eyes visually, they can also have a serious affect on our minds, our moods and in some ways even our productivity.


If you are wondering why you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or in general unsatisfied, there might be a small chance that the interior design of your house or apartment are the culprits. You see, how we decorate the insides of our homes can often affect what we feel on the insides of ourselves.


One of the biggest ways you can affect the mood of your place, and the mood you are actually feeling, is color. It should be no surprise here. Color is literally what colors our lives after all. So it would make sense that it might have a profound effect on our psyche as well.


What do the various colors do?


Well, marketing experts, psychologists and interior designers are often debating this principle and this is often debated by the rise and fall of various design trends of “what’s in” and “what’s not”. However, there is a common ground between the three professionals and that is where more of the truth lies.

Whether you’re choosing a paint color, picking out pillows, buying bed linens, or even just getting dressed in the morning, the following guide will do wonders when implemented correctly.

Let us dive into it, shall we?


Red – Always a symbol of power and a symbol of passion, red can be used to create a more intimate environment.


Orange – A personal favorite that symbolizes innovation. It is like getting injected with energy. That being said, use this color carefully as too much can overwhelm the senses.


Yellow – Best when covered in lots of natural light and neutral colors in the room, yellow can be seen as a color that can bring happiness to people. For a peaceful study with bright big windows, yellow is a fantastic color.


Green – Perfect for an entrance hall as it soothes people from the transition of outside and into your home.


Purple – Once a color restricted only for emperors and kings due to the difficulty of making it, purple is now often used in master bedrooms or formal living rooms as a way of accentuating a feeling of luxurious sophistication


Blue: This color is fantastic for bathrooms and kitchens because it give us the feeling that everything is fresh.


Gray: Perfect for home offices. This color offers serenity for most of us.


Brown: There is a reason most living rooms feature a brown couch. It is a relaxing tone and so it makes it an ideal fit for areas where people gather to talk with each other.


Black: Similar to red, black offers a symbolism of power. While not great for turning a whole room into a black theme, it is great for drawing attention to certain pieces as an accent.


White: White offers cleanliness. Too much though can leave the room feeling too stiff and too clean if you know what I mean, so make sure other colors are accenting the white.


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